Thursday, August 20, 2015

God > This World's Dark Side

I've been learning something this past year. Something I constantly have to remind myself. Actually, God has to keep reminding me because I'm always forgetting it.

The past year our world has been filled with pretty extreme horrific's

  • Shootings in schools and theaters
  • Bombings at events
  • Terrorists in the middle east

But it's not just been the physically harmful attacks that have taken to the extremes.

  • Laws changing against our very foundation as a nation as Christians
  • Scandals exposing flaws in others only to tear them down
  • God's beautiful gifts to us all distorted, misused, and perverted 

Those things alone make me want to run and hide under my covers. Never unlock my door. Never walk the street. Never go to a movie. Never trust another living soul. {Psalms 116:10-12}
It's scary, this world we live in today. Looking ahead I feel like the world is so bleak that I don't want to move forward.  
I want to stay isolated in my own little world where seemingly nothing can hurt me. 


What better strategy for Satan than to scare us into hiding away from the very world Jesus came into to save us? To believe that by hiding we are somehow safe from any and all harm?
Jesus came into the world, faced the same prince of darkness with his tricks and lies, and then died a cruel death he didn't deserve. 

Something I heard recently in a sermon that has stuck with me whenever I begin to feel/think this way. 


What that means is we are never alone. We never have to worry about who is against because we have someone even bigger than our fears backing us up. We have someone leading the way who will never steer us the wrong way.

God says in Isaiah 40:10, "Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand."

God promises us when the days ahead seem dark and scary that we won't be alone. He promises when the world tries to drag us down he will give us strength to stand. He promises to hold us up as we stand boldly in his victory over the darkness.

This world is going to get pretty dark. But God has promised a new dawn for all those who believe in him and accept his son as their one true savior. So then what am I worried about? <3  

"What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me? I will lift up a cup symbolizing his salvation; I will praise the Lord's name for saving me. " ~Psalms 116:13

What do you fear about our world today? What are some more of God's promises that have helped you through the darkness? How can we start trusting him more with our future?


  1. Beautifully said... I fear those same things, and dread the coming days ahead! This world keeps spinning and spiraling down down down.

    What an encouragement it is for me to read your words, and HIS Promises. Thank you for sharing His Truth as it fills me with peace.

    1. Amen :) Keep remembering his promises and his love!

  2. I get discouraged when I see the world turned upside down. It has become that what is right is considered wrong by the world and they want to ram their viewpoint down everyone's thought no matter whether we agree. But, I have to continue to believe that God is more powerful than the forces of evil.

    1. Yes, keep believing that!

      I'm reading a book right now on a missionary and seeing these other countries makes me realize how close our country is to becoming just like them. But each time God shows his power and that the church is alive even in a country where State says there is no God. :) Keep believing, keep trusting, grow in faith!

  3. I love this! You have expressed some of my feelings. But God! Thankful he is my focus.

  4. Thank you for the verse Isaiah 40:10, this verse was on a seeds of change cd I was given - when k read it I sang it in my head. It's so true though, the enemy will be on us anyway he can.............. Let's stand firm and tell him to get way behind us! Take captive our thoughts and give them to the Lord. ❤️

  5. For me it is all about trust and love. This world is a scary place, but I just live my life for God and trust that he has a plan for me and it will all work out. Even if I feel lost or like everything is against me, I know it can only last so long and that I can't give into the devils actions around me that are temptations.

    Jordan K

  6. Such a great post!! Definitely something I have to remind myself from time to time. I tend to worry about many things that I cannot control. I try to continue to remind myself that God is in control =]

  7. The verse could not be any better! " If God is for us who can be against us!!!" I love the back round of you page! You are right there has been a lot sad things going on lately but God is bigger!

  8. It gives me great assurance and peace to know that God is in control. The world we experience, and it's life lessons, are what God uses to shape and mold us into the person He wants us to be. If God be for us, who can stand against us. We must not fear, rather; thank God for our beautiful life experience. Think on the wonder of life and the gift of our five senses, that make us aware of being in the first place. Imagine the love God has for us to grant such a wonder!